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Seeking Silience by Kathleen Kilpatrick

We sit with heart and mind

Wide open, doors and windows ajar,

Seeking the sound of silence:


Outside, the mockingbird

Begins to sing, endless lilting

Trills, arpeggios, cover tunes

Bringing news to and from

The neighborhood.

O, sing on, mockingbird!

Sing endlessly, lifting

Our souls in beauty,

Joy, joy, joy!

But could you

Skip the grating parts

That remind us that the hedge

Needs to be trimmed?

The neighbor's little yippy dog

Begins to bark, barks incessantly:


Annoy-annoy-annoy, a noise.

We curse the neighbor who would leave

The little cur to suffer so,

Until, at last, a whine, and then

A blessed pause, and we wonder

Is the little dog OK?

Impatient for the silence to begin

We add some effort, strain inward...

And mistake the whoosh

Of passing cars for nada,

Mistake the hum 

Of passing life for our life,

Mistake the buzz

Of passing thoughts for our thoughts,

Avoidavoidavoid the void,

Mistake the ending bell for relief

From apparently fruitless 

Pursuit of silence,

Sincerely believing

That ignorance is bliss.

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